The BTS you haven’t yet heard…

Sep 26, 2023


Throwback to that one time I invested 15k after just having my first 5k month at my brothers, in exchange for cooking & cleaning, so I could get myself on my feet again

..after a grief filled abortion following the ending of a very unhealthy relationship

I had no idea how to heal from that.

I spent 6 months in therapy & counseling.

Doing the work.

But when I finally stood before a man again, one I wanted to be intimate with..

when his hands finally landed on my body,

I froze.

Everything stopped & all I could do was cry the tears I hadn’t been able to reach before.

That’s when I knew…there was something more here.

The work of Somatic Sexology changed my entire life.

Everything makes sense to me on that table.

Every heartbreak, heartache, confusing moment, fear, pain, suffering, betrayal, abandonment, rejection, loss….

it ALL makes sense on that table.

Money, power, impact, purpose, health…

it ALL flows in when you get off that damn table.

Because the magic behind the table

is the BODY.

SS is about the body. Your truest essence. Your deepest healing. And your rawest desires.

It’s a body of work that brings you home to your core, teaches you how to be in your soma & in the world - with the identities you hold, the desires you birth, the love you give, the creativity you carry.

It’s the work of homecoming & reclamation.

& how we change the world.

IN THE FLESH Mystery School starts 12/8. Become a practitioner of this work & go through a radical personal transformation.

You’ll be looking back over the last year & telling a story just like this one. But even better. Cause it’s yours.


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