..the biggest reflection i receive from my clients..

Mar 19, 2022

‘the space you hold is like nothing i’ve felt before.
‘i’ve never felt this safe.
‘i haven’t been able to tell anyone this.
‘i don’t feel any judgement with you.

..the biggest reflection i receive from my clients..

(1) my ‘real, raw, & vulnerable’ nature
(2) my authenticity & power
(3) the power of the space i hold

let’s chat (3)

this is a skill i have worked on for *years*

i wouldn’t be able to help facilitate the magnitude of change i can today without:

..spending 10 hour days in Spiritual Psychology school
..refining my skills through trainings, mentorship’s, masterminds & 1:1 work
..practicing my precision & accuracy w/ clients over the last 10 yrs in the coaching industry
..being COACHABLE!

the quality of the space you are being held in *MATTERS* - you’ve felt that right?

safe, consent based, non-judgmental spaces allow for profound transformation & shifts to occur.

…it’s a simple cause & effect.

nothing needs to be done from there - because it’s naturally how energy moves x flows.

holding space is one of my superpowers.

i do it in a way that allows people to feel fully safe, held, seen & loved.

that superpower wasn’t always there…

i hurt through not having space held for me, to learn what it means to have space held for me, to now be of impeccable service to this mission.

i guide with the utmost integrity & care. & because of it, you have the gift of, *when you feel fully ready to*, let go & surrender into the deepest parts of yourself & soul.

imagine having full access to your unique body of knowledge.


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