The bigger the investment, the more excited I get 🔥

Mar 31, 2021

When I hear that number - and it’s more than I’ve ever paid before - my body gets the tingles

Investing has less to do with the mentor or offering,

& more to do with the value we put into ourselves

It’s there for our own *level up*

...for us to energetically invest it ALL leave the excuses & fears at the last level

The smaller we play in our investments, the smaller we play in our growth game

It’s just the energetics

And the game of money

Note: there’s privilege in this. I’m a white, cis hetero, able bodied female.

Last year, I took a Queer Competency course with @embodyemerge, in addition to other DEI work.

I committed myself, at a personal & business level.

When I first started, especially getting into rooms with marginalized communities, there was a lot of discomfort, shame, guilt & wanting to avoid.

I stood stuck for a while, not wanting to expand, talk about money, wealth or success.

While I understood at a conscious level, that being in that energy perpetuated the cycle, my body needed to move through it, in spaces that were safe for me to explore, without placing any emotional labor on the marginalized.

Naming this because social injustice & racism has become a bigger part of the conversation over the last year & I see a lot of shame for wanting more, having more & self punishment when it’s achieved.

The goal is to use our privilege. To bring these conversations forward, to use our wealth in ways that support the E N T I R E community.

If there’s guilt, explore it. Do more. Share your privilege more.

But don’t stop dreaming x growing.

DOORS FOR B X P close FRIDAY 4/2! 


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