the best client testimonial i’ve ever received 😹

Nov 16, 2021

the best client testimonial i’ve ever received 😹
 watch the video HERE
this Goddess did my 1:1 Goddess Embodied program (somatic sexological bodywork + coaching) & rocked the shit out of it

if you’re feeling into IN THE FLESH…

imagine this kind of transformation for yourSelf.

imagine getting these testimonials from your clients.

imagine leading a sexual healing & reclamation retreat in a lush location.

imagine supporting your clients through massive transformation that actually works & stays in their life.

imagine helping them feel their body for the first time…& first time orgasms.

imagine charging the high ticket prices you really want to be charging.



it’s all possible.

IN THE FLESH enrollment is open for only a couple more weeks.

ready to chat about the Mystery School? send me a DM.

we can hop on a call with no strings attached. the call will be valuable for you regardless of whether or not you enroll. because that’s just how i roll 👋🏻

(if you’re like wtf is sex bod work & somatics - go watch Sex, Love @goop on @netflix….if you know you know)


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