The 4 main domains of wellness that I work on with clients

Jan 16, 2023

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There are 4 main domains of wellness that I work on with clients. Your animal is in every one. Because to me, *your body is indigenous & wild by nature*

She does not follow rules or laws.

She does not care what the latest science says or about the newest trend.

She doesn’t care if feeling is inconvenient.

She knows what is true..cause it lives in her body.

When we look at the PHYSICAL + CHEMICAL domain:

we’re looking at things like food, supplements, sleep, hormones, stress, digestion, organ function, body image, disordered eating, trauma, sexual history, scar tissue, fascia, flexibility, surgeries & more.

When we look at the EMOTIONAL + ENERGETIC domain:

we’re looking at things like trauma, your relationship to feelings & emotions, water, can you cry/do you allow it, rage/ anger, sexual history, numbness, dissociation ,attachment style, self/co regulation, emfs, polarity, human design & more.

When I work with clients, I’m focused on what will move the needle the MOST…

What will create the greatest change while honoring this body’s capacity?

What will give the most relief & release?

What’s one thing that if this person walked away with, would be so totally invaluable in every area of their life?

I have found over & over, that working with our animal body, our primal feminine


Because she’s at the core of who we are.

She’s wild & true.

Your hormones balance when you express your emotions.

Your voice more powerful when you no longer feel the need to people please after healing trauma.

Your muscle aches & pains go away the more you let go of the story & victim narrative.

Your binging & purging suddenly no longer an issue the more you come home to your body.

Anxious feelings forgotten as you find safety in your system.

What I’m teaching you inside ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE…are the keys to the biggest change.

Because everything affects everything.

Every cell talks to every cell.

Come..wild your way into more power, prowess, pleasure & love…

We’re enrolling now & start mid February 🐆.


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