the 4 archetypes of survival

Apr 28, 2022

in Carolyn Myss’s book Sacred Contracts, she talks about the 4 archetypes of survival…


she says,

‘The Pro$titute thrives most bountifully in subtle ways & in ordinary, everyday circumstances. It comes into play most clearly when our survival is threatened. Its core issue is how much you are willing to sell of yourself - your morals, your integrity, your intellect, your word, your body, or your soul - for the sake of physical security.

she goes on to say how The Pro$titute,

is actually the *Guardian of Faith*

‘The Pro$titute archetype also dramatically embodies & tests the power of faith. If you have faith, no one can buy you. You know that you can take care of yourself & also that the Divine is looking out for you. Without faith, however, you will eventually meet the price you cannot turn down.

…delicious truths 🍭

i’ve been sitting with this archetype & it’s expression in mySelf

it’s been a powerful reflection & reclamation

a helpful mantra..

“i’d rather be in alignment with myself..even if it means losing _________.”

how does The Pro$titute show up in you & how can you use her to guardian your faith?


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