Taking on Other Peoples Issues in Relationships

May 25, 2021

My Relationship Dramas 🤫

I’m going to get straight to the point...

I grew up in a dangerously abusive household

My soul made it very clear from an early age, that I was here to unravel big generational patterns & evolve in the realm of relationships

These experiences triggered a series of abusive relationships

Three of which ended in court orders

& one being impregnated without consent

I was so dedicated to ‘the work’, that I stayed in each of those relationships way past their expiration

I kept thinking:
if I can just fix this, then it’ll end
if I can just be better, then he’ll stop
if I can show him I love him more, then he’ll see me

(Replicating my younger self with my caregivers)

It never worked

**I made their issues my issues, which was my issue**

This was a result of not wanting to feel the hurt & pain done to me from an early age

And a trauma response to those experiences

Out of ‘self protection’, I fawned (4th trauma response) & fawned & fawned.

I didn’t know what was up or down during those times.

I couldn’t see myself or my goodness.

So I just kept trying to fix myself & the laundry list of problems pointed out by my abuser.

I didn’t know how GOOD a relationship could be

I didn’t know what honest love was

I hadn’t experienced healthy love or conflict

I hadn’t seen it

One of the biggest reasons I love the Somatic Sexological work I do, is because of the raw, real, authentic love that is experienced in session.

There. Is. Nothing. Like. It.

Except maybe psychedelics.

My desire, from a young age, has been great love.

And for everyone to have great love.

And that’s led me down a magical path of feeling, healing, remembering, & breaking open.

With the first half of my storybook titled “lessons from pain” & the second half “lessons from pleasure”

If you’re ready to break from pain to pleasure, join us for the workshop & LOVE S3X MEN opening on 5/29

You can have it all✨

Watch HERE


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