Taking Control In Relationships without "Really" taking control

Jun 03, 2021

Topping from the bottom anyone?😜

If we want a man to lead, we need to create the SPACE to let him do so!

You’re probably really used to doing it all by yourself...

🙋🏼‍♀️cooking dinner, cleaning, grocery shopping, having your tire fixed, getting gas, fixing the lightbulb✅✅✅

You’ve had to learn to do it all,
& you’ve gotten really good at it!

But never opening up the space to let him lead, means

👉🏻 **he can’t figure out what or where his role is in your life**👈🏻

Men are the providers & protectors.

They want to DO for us.

If we keep automatically doing the things before he even gets the chance to do it, we’re never going to feel fulfilled because we’ve stopped it before it even started‼️

I know…

Giving up control is easier said than done.

But just for second, ask your body how it feels to always be the one figuring it out…

💤Exhausting, yah?

It’s time to let go & return to trust.

LOVE S3X MEN, an 8 week journey to heal the wounds of the masculine, evoke your submissive, & open to deep intimacy x connection…

will get you off the relationship-merry-go-round & into a place of trust & feeling met.

Application in bio!

(Check my last post to see if LSM is right for you!)

Disclaimer: this is NOT about gender. Masculine / feminine are polarities - like yin / yong. I work mainly with cis women, in cis hetero relationships, that desire strong masculine men. Therefore, I use he/she pronouns & speak to these gender roles. Please feel free to take gender out of the messaging.

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