struggling with social media

Aug 20, 2021

can i be honest? i’ve really been struggling with social media. i’ve been sharing a lot about this on @trppodcast ever since i got disabled from IG for 2 months bc i spoke about B D S M (i know, the horror)

the more space i get, the more i know i genuinely don’t want to be on this thing anymore.

i miss the way it used to be.

i miss sharing because i wanted to share. i miss the simplicity of sharing my life & seeing you share yours - without censorship, algorithms, & the patriarchy infiltrating every little square (but i guess that was always there;))

i want to connect, with you.

i started on this platform to connect, share, & grow, with Y O U.

my young inner perfectionist doesn’t want to talk about this until she has it figured out

& because she also sees & knows all of the gifts that IG/social has given her over the last decade of biz, especially these last 4years.

she doesn’t want to be resistant to change.
she wants to reframe it & embrace the new.

but if i’m being honest, she, I…am tired.

we’re tired of THIS aspect of doing business.

all i want to do is create magical containers for women to come home to their bodies, reconnect to pu$$y & feel their power x pleasure.

that’s literally all i want to do…is be a guide to help you awaken, heal & remember.

& right now it feels like this thing is getting in the way.

i don’t yet have a solution.

& i’m beyond fitting myself into something that doesn’t feel good just to make myself wrong for not liking it.

we don’t do that anymore.

all this to say, i’m uncomfortable.

& that is beautiful,
bc it’s where change happens.

tomorrow is workshop 1 of Becoming Your Own Best Lover w/ @jessica.sirena

i would love nothing more than to have you there, to share virtual space (until our retreat in November), & sing x sound our big ol pu$$ies away

love you more than you know

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