Stepping back into Remembrance & Reclaiming Your Innocence

Aug 05, 2021

what if every decision i make, from this moment forward, is sourced from the Truth that i am a GOOD, INNOCENT human?’

i slowly stepped out of the bath Mon morn after sitting w/ mySelf x mushies for mins i lost count of

i walked up to the roof deck to dry off in the sun & was flooded w visions

(the self-inquiry from the week before, quantum physics & @tonyRobbins primary question, stirring it up)

these visions were pointing to all of my life experiences, that i had unconsciously created, where i ‘needed’ to ‘fight’ for my innocence

(started as a child when i needed to prove i was good, in the right, innocent so i could stay safe from the abuse)

…one illusion (abusive relationships) after the next where i needed to prove myself x goodness came into my awareness

in that moment, i realized i collapsed the pattern

earlier this year, i had a long period of forgetting who i really was

i was confused, disappointed, frustrated

how could i forget who i was this much?! when for so long, i stood so clear in mySelf?

eventually, i got to a point in that ‘forgetting’ phase, where i said ‘f this’, i am not those things, i am this, i am me, i am…

i stepped back into my Remembrance & reclaimed my innocence - which helped me move into the dating scene w/ the clear intention of a poly relationship (to the masses, a vey un-innocent lifestyle)

as you know, i then completed an [inner]world-changing process to call in my ideal partner/s that landed me in Paul’s arms just 4 days later

(i give you this process in my workshop *Calling In Your Ideal Partners & Lovers* in my bio)

i was flooded again with visions

except this time, it was of all the moments Paul has repeatedly reflected back my innocence/ goodness & my pure heart

the countless times he’s embraced me, [literally] saying ‘you’re such a Good girl’

i saw, for the first time from this angle, that i had created yet another illusion

except this time, it was a different illusion

an illusion of Love, which isn’t exactly an illusion at all

but instead, a readiness to receive the Love that was out there all along

& was always, inside of mySelf


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