Squirt Myth #4

Sep 25, 2021

Squirt Myth # 4

not everyone can do it

busting myth #4

there hasn't been enough studies to scientifically say 100% of vagina owners can squirt.


if we have these glands....we have the potential to squirt!

Note: it's a LEARNED skill...

with the right information, no expectations and practice ...

you'll discover just how much pleasure your body is really capable of ;-)

Squirt Workshop is on Tues 2/28 @ 4 pm MDT! 💦

i believe in the power of our pu$$y..

there literally has not been enough STUDY around female sexuality & pleasure to KNOW for sure…

but i know what i’ve seen in my studies & trainings & clients….& of course, myself.

i didn’t know i could squirt until i was 26.

want to learn the what, why, & how of squirting to discover the pleasure your body is really capable of?!

send me a DM for the link to join us <3

p.s. yes it will be recorded & a replay will be sent out!



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