Squirt myth # 2

Sep 23, 2021

Squirt Workshop is on Tues 2/28! 💦

is it pee? is it not pee? GAHH!

…now you know 😉

want to learn the what, why, & how of squirting to discover the pleasure your body is really capable of?!

send me a DM for the link to join us <3

p.s. yes it will be recorded & a replay will be sent out!

Squirt Myth #2

it's pee

busting myth # 2

it's not pee!

now that we know there are 2 different kinds of fluids...

squirting fluid...

has similar properties as both urine & semen

but it's still not pee!!!

it is clear, colorless, odorless

& likely comes from the bladder.

female ejacualate/amrita

...in Sanskrit means sacred nectar of the Gods 

it is white, milky prostatic liquid from the skene's gland.


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