so here’s the thing i’m quite the shapeshifter erotic blueprint

Dec 03, 2021

so here’s the thing

i’m quite the shapeshifter erotic blueprint

& i, through my human design, am someone that says ‘yes’ to experience

not the end result or outcome
…but the journey

when i hear of new programs,
i more often then not…just jump in


someone says ‘here’s something i feel could be special for you’

i scope it out & i’m like “alexa, order now”

i love taking in new systems
i retain so much information
im a fast fucking learner
& i embody it quickly

i kinda feel like Neo when we gets all those downloads & rocks it like he always knew how

*this is one of my superpowers*

why’s this matter to you?

because i bet you’re just like me ;)

a shapeshifting…i want it all…i don’t want to choose…give me more…yes, yes YES…kinda bitch

which tells me you been thinking ‘bout IN THE FLESH but there might be a voice in your head that says:

“you promised yourself you’d take a break & not do another program”

so here’s what i have to say to that…

if you air on the side of content junkie,
i see & fucking get that part of you - ‘cause i’ve got her too!

& because of that…

i have designed this program in a way that actually works WITH this part

so by the end of Mystery School, you’re grounded in the Truth of

“no, i don’t need another program. but when i want one, it’ll be because i want to LEARN - not to fix, heal more, or because i think i need to.”

plus…you’ll be creating way more disposable income throughout the 10 months ;)

IN THE FLESH is not about filling you up with content…it's about embodiment.

bringing all of your juicy wisdom from your head into your pu$$Y

& your pu$$y juice all the way up into your brains

now that’s a fucking a force to be reckoned with ;)

if you're looking for the integration & expansion that follows all of the learning you've had, this is the perfect container for you for 3 reasons

1) i bet your bottom dollar you haven’t done what i’m gonna coach & guide you through inside Mystery School
(2) i know the results my containers yield - & it’ll be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before x is guaranteed to transform your world
(3) ITF will free up so much space inside of you you’ll actually be able to use your knowledge rather than being overwhelmed

this is a special round of women that is literally ALREADY creating magic & YOURS would add so magnificently to the group

do you feel what i’m saying?

i believe in you.
i see you.
i desire you.

& i’ll show you how.

there is now only ONE spot left for IN THE FLESH - we start NEXT WEEKEND, my love.

message me to join us🔥


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