Oct 05, 2021


a beauuuutiful story of a somatic sexological session with a client💫

when you work with me, you fill out an intake form with all of your remembered history (sexual, trauma, relational, etc.)


what comes up on the table is RARELY what is in that form…or what’s talked about in pre-coaching

> the body keeps score <

& when you’re in a safe, supported, surrendered space, with a trusted practitioner….

your TISSUE reveals more than your CONSCIOUS MIND ever could

for the somatic portion, i worked on her HEART space

& fuck, did she crack open

i held her for 45 min as I energetically opened her up & cracked the armor around her heart

the intention - to be able to feel SAFE, respect & adoration for men

to enter into loving union with her own inner masculine & men around her

she purged & released yrs of sadness…neglect of her own heart…& pain of not letting love in

she gorgeously weeped & wailed

I had the honor of witnessing her in healing…a vital piece of this work - CONTACT

we then entered the 2nd half, the sexological portion

your CERVIX is directly connected to your HEART

it’s no wonder…as we dearmored her cervix, following an intense heart opening….that multiple unknown sexual traumas were revealed

…her body was ready to l e t g o

when this is brought to the surface, you get the chance to take back your POWER & rewrite your story

TRAUMA lives in our BODY, not our head!

& it does an incredible job at ‘hiding’ these experiences deep in our tissue

…especially in our most VULNERABLE places where most would never look

🪄this work isn’t something I view as an add-on to personal growth practices

we are HUMAN — we were born to feed, feel & fuck….this is supposed to be part of the way we LIVE

if your body is pulling you here, then LI S T E N…it Knows

🐆 IN THE FLESH Mystery School: Facilitator Training is enrolling now.

learn these tools, this practice…heal for yourself & take it into your biz x relationships

feel into the you after spending 10 mos together in this potent container…giving x receiving this medicine

what’s your body say now?!😽

dm me for more info 💕
(1:1 offerings avail)


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