saying its not about the money....

Nov 30, 2021

saying its not about the money is like trying to convince your best friend your ex isn't still around because of the cheap $ex

she see’s right through you 😉

but isn’t that one of many reasons you keep her around?

so she checks you on your bullshit?

day 1 with my coach she asked what i was looking for in a 1:1 container

& i said
(& often regret 👅)

i need you to check me on my shit & hold me accountable when i’m in story

here we are…

a couple months later

with the first weekend of IN THE FLESH happening in TWO WEEKENDS!

when she said to me over the summer that i could launch it before the end of the year

i was genuinely MAD at her for the radical request 😹


having a multiple 6 figure launch & the women of my dreams in my very own 10 month facilitator training?

not mad no mo’ 💁🏼‍♀️

& that is why

i pay her BIG MONEY

& why i get paid big mons

because THAT

is priceless

so from here…

your role is to not just recognize the value of being in container with us for 10 months - but to actually commit to your vision through saying YES

& come get the life you desire x deserve

it’s your destiny

oh, & swipe for a sweet message from an IN THE FLESH warrior goddess who already made her deposit back!

2 spots remain & your time is running out

send me a message so i can hold you through the process of joining this gorgeous group


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