Resistance to Opening to Love & Trust

Aug 24, 2021

Resistance to Opening to Love & Trust

with modern day feminism & the independent woman archetype, many of us feel disconnected from our hearts & emotions.

it feels s c a r y to o p e n what has been closed for so long,

only to feel what has been rejected, abandoned, betrayed & forgotten.

the good news? it’s all an illusion :)

going in ’there’, the darkness, the shadow — is never as bad as we think.

the ego just likes to make it feel that way so we don’t feel the thing & have the ego death ;)

keep on popping old belief systems & healing younger parts of you to expand your capacity to receive & change your reality!

you are a powerful pu$$y driven creatrix

what are your thoughts on this?

shown: a snippet from LOVE SEX MEN’s Q x A! send me a message if you want to learn more.

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