Reflections on a magical time at @soltarahealingcenter & my first ceremonies with Ayahuasca…

Mar 15, 2021


Over the summer, I sat in my first facilitated plant ceremony with Iboga. I learned a lot about the process & important things to know when sitting.


I was craving a deeper exploration, after a journey that was somewhat mild, & landed myself at Soltara for a 7 day retreat, with 4 ceremonies.


I really can’t say enough about the team at Soltara & everything they have to offer at their center.


An incredible amount of safety, love, intention, thought, & care, goes into the creation of their space, & the journey of the visitor.


Facilitation is an incredibly important piece to any healing modality, especially plants.


As a facilitator, I can tend to have high standards :)


Every one of them was beyond met, & allowed me to relax deeper into the experience & feel tremendously held.


Honestly, it was easy. Not something most would say for an aya retreat.


Granted, every single one of our experiences is different. And don’t get me wrong, there were definitely challenging parts to mine.


One of them was aya putting me to sleep over & over & over.


I watched myself struggle with the blissful, easeful slumber she gave, & the desire for more revealing truths.


How funny it was, to watch my ego try & make it hard.


I know this is a self excavating journey, one that builds over time & sessions. I’m excited to continue the process & know her more.


I left with a deliciously full belly (the food is absolutely out of this world), a heart overflowing with new connections, sun-kissed skin, & an appreciation for the work I’ve done & continue to do.


Big thanks to @soltarahealingcenter, the amazing maestros x facilitators, & the humans I got to journey with. You made it all the wilder.


May the humble remembering to see the wisdom in what’s given, stay with me on my travels <3


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