Reflections & learnings from earning $300,200k from my 1:1 coaching & mentorships this past year

Jan 02, 2023

Cheers to women being deep in their p$$y truths in 2023. Congruent to the core. Aligned with their highest. Following through on their word & desire.

I had a 1:1 enrollment call today for a 30k immersion experience…

& she said she was so thrilled to learn I offer in person immersion work because she didn’t know I did that until a few weeks ago!

If this is you: YESS B we do the in person hands on & hands in bodywork!!

That was my WHY behind @venusvalleyboulder 🥂

Retreats & immersions already happening here in Boulder CO 🦋💎

You get to come here, stay at VV, resource from the land & remember who the fuck you are.

Come find out what somatic $€xology is all about!

Unleash your wicked worthy witch🫶🏼




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