reflections from an Erotic Blueprint workshop

Feb 23, 2022

reflecting on the groups biggest takeaways from the Erotic Blueprint Workshop yesterday with @hey_birdie_co at @pachahouse_denver

…really had me feeling into…

*Pleasure as the Rebellion*

the biggest obstacles i hear to pleasure..are usually time & distractions

but as *real* as they are…they also, are not ๐Ÿ˜‰

…the thought that doing is more important than being…

…the shoulds & shouldnts that call our attention away from the present moment…

…the obsession with having everything finished, organized, cleaned - ‘perrrrfect’…

…this idea that there is not enough time or energy for pleasure…

…the push for ‘more more more’ at the COST of our earth & our people…

are just narratives from the patriarchal system we’ve lived in for centuries

*it is ENGRAINED in us*

& they loveeeeeeeeeee it for them๐Ÿ‘บ

when we our disconnected from our bodies & pleasure…

more for them to control
more power for them to ‘take’
more lies they can tell & we believe

which means…

the more we take back our PLEASURE, the more we take back our FREEDOM

(*doing* to achieve freedom is a game of chasing our own damn tails ๐Ÿคข - & they like it that way, keeps us busy ๐Ÿ‘…)

all this to say,

whenever you hear those voices come in telling you ‘it’s not important’ & ‘there’s no time’ - recognize WHOS voice it is & shine some pu$$y on ‘em

๐ŸŽ™for my **Top Ways To Integrate Pleasure + Your Feminine Essence into Your Day to Day Life** check out the latest solo @trppodcast

…& a HUGE thank you to everyone who came out yesterday to play


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