Reasons we don't feel safe in our bodies-

May 07, 2021

Unprocessed trauma & childhood events


Previously it was not safe to live in our bodies


Leading us to live in survival mode, fight flight fawn freeze responses


Single events AND repeated experiences that threaten our safety


Both ‘T’ & ‘t’ traumas


Including physical & sexual safety AND psychological safety


…Like being free from emotional abuse & neglect


Remember: Being safe is different than FEELING safe


You CAN heal & come home to your body <3



For a long time, I didn’t WANT to come home to my body.


Growing up in an abusive environment left me disassociated, disconnected from my center, & scared of actually coming back home.


...Because home was never safe.


Feeling didn’t feel good.


And in order to have my homecoming, I needed to start feeling again.


…both the dark & the light…


Leaning into the body reveals our shadows.


And all of the places we hold our wounding.


But it also reveals our LIGHT.


And all of our wisdom & power.


…The lost parts of ourselves that are right there waiting to be remembered.


It’s safe to go into these places.


If it feels heavy, don’t expect yourself to go it alone.


Because this work isn’t meant to be done solo.


I see you working over there.

I’m proud of you.

You’re making such great progress.

Keep going.

Continue to feel, even when it feels heavy.

There’s so much for you on the other side.


If you’re looking for support in your homecoming journey, DM me ‘embodied’ to find out more. I have (1) spot available for 1:1 somatic coaching.


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