reason # 1 why working with your sex will make you more money

Nov 19, 2021

N THE FLESH is a Facilitator Training that will directly support you in making more MONAYYYYY

for TWO big reasons:
1 - we’re working with your nervous system & expanding your capacity to hold
2 - you get to facilitate this for others & ask for the high tickets prices you really want to ask for

i was able to hit 6 figures in 6 months
& continue to grow at rapid speed
during my first $exual awakening
while changing nothing in my business


i started teaching this body of work
& guiding my clients through their own $exual reclamation

& saw them getting the SAME results

@ericahepperle was able to hit the same 6 figure mark
@samjo “i’ve been making so much money at work. YES! obviously, the pleasure & money go hand in hand.”
@the.embodied.yoni “my biz BLEW up the last 2 weeks! gaining 10 new clients literally overnight.”

know this…

the reason why i LOVE talking about this subject isn’t just because i love money (which i do)

it’s because most of my life, & similarly for the women i’ve worked with, large amounts of money felt unobtainable for ME

so i did all the money books & workbooks & podcasts & trainings…

but nothing changed my relationship to money & receiving large amounts of wealth

…like healing my relationship to $ex

period end of story.

ready to go deep with me IN THE FLESH? message me to get in before enrollment closes - it’s not too late!

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