Ready to Quantum Transform AND step into leadership as a Somatic $ex Coach & Bodyworker?

Oct 01, 2022

Ready to Quantum Transform AND step into leadership as a Somatic $ex Coach & Bodyworker?

ITF is an intimate, 7 month Mystery School to become a practitioner of: Somatic $exology, Quantum Transformational Bodywork & Spiritual Psychology.

It’s a space for coaches, healers, and bodyworkers to integrate somatics, $exuality & relational understanding into their offers — effectively supporting their clients on their journey to $exual wholeness & embodied freedom.

This is so much more than another certification. It’s a dual journey of personal transformation & reclamation.

Titillating testimonials:


“There's always been something missing in other containers, like the level of depth and intimacy in this container. The safety and the trust is so profound that it's allowed me to relax and go into spaces within myself that I haven't had access to before. And that trickled out and I didn't understand how it would impact every area of my life until I had the experience, and realized it affects everything.”


"I would recommend Julianne & IN THE FLESH to everyone. And I'm so, so grateful that I said yes & chose to figure it out along the way. It's changed my life in so many ways. Everything looks completely different now. And I'm just so, so grateful."


"When I started ITF, my top 3 goals were to have my first 10K month in my biz, to attract a conscious partner, & to use this container as a way to fully show up & be seen. Julianne has really helped me work towards all of those goals & to shift into them by really holding the space for me to show up & be seen. It's always felt very safe, very comfortable, very supportive. I had my first 10k month! I’ve attracted a conscious partner. Not just a conscious partner, but someone who literally is a match for every single one of my non-negotiables."


"Julianne is so wise & yet at the same time, totally someone that I would hang out with outside of the container. Very relatable, very down to earth, & no bullshit! She is such a person of truth & someone who is always after the truth & not afraid to reveal that within herself or within someone else when it is in the highest good for all of us. That's something I really respect her for. That's something that really drew me into working with her. I knew she would call me on my shit. I knew that she would hold me in such a loving way & because of that, so much has shifted for me."


"One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed is that it feels so much easier to move through life’s challenges now since being ITF. Being a single mom, having two young kids, a full time business, it feels much more accessible & easier to move through life. Having the support + the tools, & shifting into this new way of being…really being really seen, like all of me being seen, has really allowed me to continue to feel into the pleasure that's available in all of the moments."


Of course, you’ll learn the skills needed to facilitate clients on their journey to body sovereignty & $exual self expression through potent practices & hands on/in/off techniques…

And, the most efficient & effective way to instill that knowledge for you is to go through your own sexual healing journey. 

The way I’ve structured IN THE FLESH, you get to witness & embody FIRST, to then give & receive in tandem.

Spending time on both sides of the table gives you a more complete understanding of what your clients go through; insight that leads to more potent treatment and healing, and more powerful transformations.   

This is why IN THE FLESH goes beyond education and into embodiment. 

To learn more about ITF & apply, DM me ‘ITF’


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