Re: The Yearning In Our Feminine Hearts To Be Claimed & Penetrated By The Masculine

May 07, 2021


The guilt & shame you feel from deeply longing for your masculine counterpart, or for your current partner to meet you fully, is not ‘wrong’.

It’s not something to be apologetic for.

It’s also not something you bring to your partner with demanding expectations.

The yearning in your heart, the never-ending desire - it’s part of us, built into the feminine psyche.

As empowered women, we are told from our mothers, sisters, friends & media:

“Don’t need a man”
“Never rely on them”
“Be independent”

And if you don’t follow this path, it’s made clear that you will be ‘less than’ & quite foolish for leaning on the security & provision of a man.

In this modern feminist world, it’s a grand idea & very feasible.

I mean, look at your life & the success you’ve created without a man by your side.

Pretty awesome when just 60 years ago we couldn’t even open a bank account without him.


Where does this actually leave us women?

Unable to let a man lead? Armored? Controlling? Resistant to the idea of surrender & submission?

Quite literally…no man’s land?

I sat with this a lot last year.

Within myself, I came to honor this yearning.

To even desire it.

I found a fullness in the yearning, rather than an empty depletion.

I realized, through polarity work, that this deep craving actually feels the same as the incredible fullness of being met with unconditional love.

…A freedom I didn’t know before.

In my upcoming workshop *Calling In Your Ideal Partners/Lovers* on 5/29

& my new course *Love Sex Men* starting in June, we’ll be diving deep into these paradigms & opening your heart, body & s3x for the union x partnership you crave.

What are your thoughts on this?! Would love to hear from you👇🏻


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