re: perfectionism & the struggle to orgasm

Oct 22, 2021

re: perfectionism & the struggle to orgasm

do you feel like full body pleasure is hard to achieve between the chatter in your head & the difficulty of relaxing into the moment? 

i've found a strong thread between those of us that have the...

black & white mondset....the all-or-nothing way of thinking....& perfectionist tendencies.

(also a SHADOW side of the Sensual Erotic Blueprint)

when we're oh so focused on:

the goal + the outcome

the way it should go.

the way it should feel.

the way I should smell. 

thewas I should sound.

how long it should/shouldn't take to have an orgasm...

we become further & further away from the pleasure that's available by be-ing on the journey.

....the same pleasure wave that will most likely take us to the orgasm we're after-

but only when we R E L E A S E the pressure of all the 'shoulds' 

perfectionist, over-achievers & people pleasers-

LOVE control

control over our bodies, our expressions, how we're perceived & how much we put our hearts out there....

in fear of being:

too much,

too vulnerable,

too 'weak'

vulnerability becomes something we even hide from ourselves

if you feel yourself in this:

let pleasure be your playground for experimentation 

let it be the place where you CAN

slow down





let go

let it be the place you:

release the pressure, the force & the pushing, to make space for full body relaxation & surrender.

don't get me wrong,

this takes time, patience, practice & trust

but we're all capable.

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