Psoas muscle & self trust + safety

Jan 23, 2023

Your physical pain is a spiritual initiation.

Your physical pain is an emotional awakening.

Your physical pain is a map to the divine.

It’s the way home to your heart.

And the deepest truth of you…


We will be learning & remembering this intuitive, emotional wisdom inside ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE starting mid Feb πŸ†

‘My hips have never felt this open.’ - is what my clients will often say as they get off the table

Years of tightness…
On & off seasons of pain…
Chapters of unexplained mystery aches…

Suddenly freed up.

This is what happens when we work with multiple layers of the self at once, mind body spirit, $€x & soul.

This is just the tip of a big major iceberg.

DM me ‘ABP’ for the link to more & enrollment! 🫢🏼

***ALL of you is welcome here. Regardless of your embodiment level or current practice***

This is about bringing you home to your center.

(Video sharing my experience with the connection between psoas hip surgery & trauma + abuse.)

P.S. the psoas does much more than this. Please go research. Or join ABP ✌🏻

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