PSA - Trauma doesn't get resolved through talk therapy.

Nov 09, 2022

PSA - Trauma doesn't get resolved through talk therapy.

It lives in our tissues...

not in our heads.


you'll move the needle WAY more with:

*org@$ms & a regular self ple@$ure practice*

Ple@$ure IS healing.

End of Story.

It’s NOT the route for the faint of heart.

The left hand path, the way of pleasure & devotion - will, IMO, challenge you & your clients way more than any talk therapy session.

Which is also why the results & rewards are so dramatic & profound.

Because you get past the surface (physical) & into the emotional, truth, & transpersonal, archetypal realms.

When magick meets magick 🪄

Dec 9 is our kick off day for IN THE FLESH Mystery School - a facilitator training for Somatic $exology, Spiritual Psychology, Quantum Transformational Bodywork & the €rotic Blueprints.

Years of spinning my wheels & chasing my tail trying to crawl out of my own shit…was the BIGGEST gift.

I’ll teach you it all inside ITF.


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