POV: Your change your own life

Oct 02, 2023


This was a top tier multiple 5 figure 1:1 container

We put in WORK

High support, high involvement

High transformation

This woman has transformed & jumped through timelines

“The most life changing work I’ve done.”

From chronic illness to somatic healing to owning her power, her true essence…

“I don’t really have words. I’m where I’ve wanted to be. The amount of joy of just sitting in that when I’ve been, especially in some places where I felt so stuck and so unsure and so weighed down by everything..to just be like, dude, life is good and I’m here, I have arrived. It’s powerful stuff.”

It’s been an absolute honor to support you, woman.

Go fly!

Before we start IN THE FLESH Mystery School in December & the work/play continues :)

P.S. go check out our @trppodcast where M shares her journey & what moved the needle the most for her during container. If you’re interested in joining ITF, I highly recommend this ep.


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