pain & plea$ure ..opposite ends of the same spectrum.

Apr 15, 2022

if plea$ure is a portal,
then so is your pain.

who & how do you *be* to the people places & things that break your heart open?

can you meet yourself there? find new strength in your softness? feel God’s love in the hardest of places?

filling up

on unconditional love
..for you, from you.

sipping in, even more.

especially when,
you think you have nothing left.

discovering how much Love,
you really have inside of you.

& how much of
you already are.


grief is one of the foundational pillars of HUMAN, a deliciously slow 6 mo container to *remember your Wholeness & what it means to be alive*

we’ll be exploring the dark feminine & integrating the archetypal mother through somatic practice, community ritual, & more

pain / plea$ure
joy / grief
love / loss

…openings for you ✨

HUMAN starts the first weekend of May

ready for a deepening? join the other women inside this intimate & transformative container via my linktree 💃🏼


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