our role as a coach + guide

Feb 26, 2022

our role as a coach + guide, is to find where somebody is hiding & protecting…to then support them in opening to what’s underneath

…to feel what’s there, & bring deep approval…

it’s our role to invite them into the places that hold great charge, the areas that house trapped energy

…so they can use it to harness their full power & creations into this world…

🪞follow what’s alive 🪄


bring them to the places they don’t want to go.

see them there.
approve of them.
love them deeply.

& watch the energy transmute.

see before your very eyes,
something..someone…made new ✨

💎 in 4 short weeks…i’ll be hosting a *Permission For Pleasure* virtual event, kicking off the relaunch of my 8 module signature program called Awaken Your Divine Feminine - stay tuned 💃🏼


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