One Simple Trick to Speed Up Your Manifestation Process

May 23, 2021

Decoupling the thing you want....

from the thing you *think* it will get you.


Whatever it is we want SO badly,

is wanted so badly,

because we THINK it’ll get us
**fill in the blank**

When we decouple the things we want from the FEELINGS we think they’ll bring, we:

1️⃣ start to feel GREAT
2️⃣ decrease the pressure x importance of the goal
3️⃣ which in turn, speeds up the manifestation process 👏🏻

EX ⬇️ (we almost always want TWO things - love &/or freedom)

✅ Partner & family = unconditional LOVE & feelings of belonging
⏩ recognize you are unconditional love. it’s everywhere around you. let it in! find people that make you feel like you belong & BE in those moments. feel what it feels like to belong 💛

✅ Bigger biz & consistent clients = fulfillment & more money = FREEDOM
⏩ recognize a bigger biz doesn’t always mean more money! fulfillment doesn’t come from anything on the outside. find fulfillment from the inside, & start to feel what freedom would feel like in your body 👏🏻

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