OMG this story gave me all the feels

Jan 10, 2023

Watch HERE

Nothing..nothing I tell you!!..

Will ever feel as GOOD & wet & alive

*As standing for what is good & true in your body*

And nothing will ever be as strong a vehicle of change & evolution… as landing in deep congruence with yourself & truthπŸš€πŸŒ™βš‘οΈπŸ’«

Can you imagine embodying your HEART in this way?

Can you imagine being so connected to your truth channel - throat heart p$$y - God & Goddess?

So much so..

That in any given moment

*You can rise into the truth of who you are*

Regardless of who or what stands before you

The mother fucking POWER in this place β˜€οΈ

& I’m talking INNER power..liberation..freedom..

Regardless of circumstance or what cosmic daddy serves up


I keep feeling how much this one choice to say something will impact so many of these peoples psyches & create massive change

That’s what the Goddess is calling us into in 2023

You can see it from the last few years in our world

What’s no longer working & serving..peace out ✌🏻

(Whether you’re ready or not πŸ‘…)

Your animal body, your $ex & your wild emotional self, is the gateway to the divine.

You are a change maker through your own embodiment & expression.

Come journey with us into your Wild Primal Sacred Feminine in my newest offering ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE πŸ†πŸ’¦

$1333 & this week only you get CONGRUENCE included as a gift from my heart to yours 🫢🏼. Payment plans are available for as low as $197/month. Message me for options. #embodiment #embodimentpractice #somtichealing #somaticbodywork #somatics #somaticsexology #alignment


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