Okay I HAVE to say it 🙊

Nov 08, 2022

Okay I HAVE to say it 🙊

But before I do...

Please know I'm NOT saying:

👉🏻you have to be healed to be a healer
👉🏻you need to know it all to even start
👉🏻you have to spend your whole life savings to be successful 👎🏻

I'm fully aware: there's no 'there'
our inner work is never done
& you can receive without needing to give it all away.

What I'm daring to say 🙈

How can you be a coach if you've never been coached?
How can you teach people about $ex & org@$m$ if you've never had it/one?
How can you be feminine embodiment coach but not invest in continuous support for yourself or biz?
How can you become a somatic coach without ever experiencing somatic healing?
How can you become a somatic bodyworker if you're not willing to get on the table yourself?
How can you expect a 6/7 figure biz if you're not willing to go first?
How can you expect your clients to join an intimate group container if you've never been in one?

No really, read that again.

There's seriously no shame here. It's just the wakeup call I wish someone had given me when I was looking to all the other girls at the top saying,

Experience is our greatest teacher.
Spending time on *both sides* of the table is not a choice, it is a necessity if you're going into this work.

It gives us a more complete understanding of what our clients go through; insight that leads to more potent treatment & healing, and more powerful transformations.

This is why IN THE FLESH goes beyond education & into embodiment.
A truth bomb that needed to be said today because I can’t handle seeing/feeling another incredible woman’s body craving & crying out for this work…without putting the fire under her ass to DO/BE it 🔥

like…i was going to write ^ “….without the willingness to get after it”

but that’s so NOT TRUE


ALL have the willingness


do you have the BELIEF + the TRUST

in your success, happiness, freedom & love

Time is ticking for IN THE FLESH - we start the second weekend of December.

👉🏻 also i’m not saying there aren’t other ways & that you can’t be these things without doing those things

but i am surefire believer in THIS way

because it’s taken me & my clients from feeling stuck, not sure how to help ourselves/others, like it’s never gonna happen

to 6 figure (& beyond) $exually empowered biz owners who are well paid & well fucked

check my bio & linktree for the top 3 ways to work together & ITF application


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