“Oh, so you turn women into freaks”

Apr 06, 2021


At the start of my Costa trip, I was so self conscious about walking around in a cheeky kini


“You’re a sexologist, you shouldn’t feel this way”



When I started at Soltara, it was an intimate space


w/ humans that came for healing


I was judging myself for only bringing cheeky kinis


“Why’d you do this?”

”You can’t wear those w/ these people”

”We’re here for HEALING”

”You can’t even TALK about s3x here & you’re gonna wear THOSE?”


For the first few days, I covered myself every time I got up


Less & less, I stopped covering


ppl asked what I did, & I hesitantly said I was a Somatic Sexologist


More & more, I said it louder


At one meal, after explaining my work & the work I do with the Erotic Blueprints


I had someone say,


“Oh, so you turn women into FREAKS”


I repeated that over & over in my head for the coming weeks


“FREAKS? You think what I do is turn women into freaks?”


I could easily reframe this in my head…



fear in the statement

taboo of my work

shame we carry as a society

intimidating power of Eros

scared-ness of something so big & wild


But it honestly hurt my heart


This is what we think of S E X as a society


This is why I need to sensor my content


These are the voices that surface (internally & externally) when we think about expanding into unknown taboo territory


Part of my mission with this work


…is uniting our S E X with G O D


Healing = Erotic Innocence


We’ve put:

church on the opposite side of pleasure

coverings on our nude bodies b/c they’re ‘offensive’


We’ve separated GOD from our O R G A S M


& Eroticism out of our Healing


And then dance & dance around the issue, wondering ‘why?’


trying to use our little brains to understand what’s wrong with our p00r bodies that have illness & dis-ease & anger & rage & turmoil & sorrow & pain & suffering


This is why I turn women into “freaks”





We will return to God through our S E X


B/c as much as they try


They can’t take Truth away from us


Showing up here everyday isn’t always easy


I skip over that part often


So for all of you out there, reading, watching, listening…


Thank you.


Thank you tor having the courage to step into your FREAKY


Let your flag fly


I fly mine with you


Let these voices be the crossroads to chose your truth & step into more of who you are as an Erotic, Spiritual being




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