no love greater than the love of the mother ✨

Apr 17, 2022

no love greater than the love of the mother ✨ spending time in the dirt, wind & trees today with my somatic mentor for our monthly immersion.

..planting eggs full of future intention, while digesting those of the past & present.

earlier this year when i was feeling into the kind of inner work + support i was being guided towards, i noticed it felt different than it had before.

it wasn’t about ‘more’

(obtaining more, making more, being more)

it was actually about ‘less’

my desire was to deepen.

to go inward
to mature into..mySelf
my body
& the ancient, cryptic wisdom inside of my womb

i’m so grateful my inner being led me here, to this guide, to this land, to this woman..inside of mySelf

30 so far has been different than i expected. but i’d also expect nothing less when you follow the nonsensical wisdom of your body 👅 there’s been pivots, course corrections & heartbreak. and…massive expansions, wealth creation, & legacy leaving work.

..i have a feeling it’s about to get even more wild 🐆


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