New Podcast Episode! Transformation & Reconnection w/ Erin Ashley

Nov 11, 2022


Welcome back to The Reclamation Project! In her first episode back after a restorative rebrand, Julianne invites IN THE FLESH alumnus and one-on-one container rockstar Erin Ashley to share her story and her transformation.

Erin used to be connected to self and pleasure but surgery, trauma, and medical menopause got in the way. She spent three years disconnected. Through IN THE FLESH, Erin was able to rebuild and reactivate the cords that tie her to pleasure, pu$$y, desire and more. A truly non judgemental space of sisterhood and priestesshood is a gift that allows for work, growth, and healing in safety and confidence.

Her progress was subtle and often occurred after work was done during the integration period, or even weeks later. Julianne saw Erin showing up for herself and her sisters throughout the process and invited her into a year-long one-on-one container.

Now, Julianne asks Erin to share her journey and tell us why containers like this matter. 

Key topics of today’s episode:

Reconnection to pleasure is possible
You need non judgemental community
Showing up is key


8:22 - Erin and Julianne reflect on how far Erin has come in only a year

16:42 - Julianne explains the intentions of community and intimacy in IN THE FLESH

24:50 - Julianne asks Erin how this growth has influenced other relationships in her life

32:01 - Erin discusses her pu$$y journey from connection to disconnection to reconnection

42:09 - Julianne agrees that healing takes time

46:47 - Erin’s final thoughts on the duality of learning to facilitate and personal transformation


“So first is my own self-awareness, which is, literally just continuing to grow and grow…as we speak. But then once you are self-aware about yourself, you're even more self-aware about  others.”

“I have my own waves of, leaning deeper into pu$$y and then kind of leaning out and then leaning back in.”

❤️‍🔥IN THE FLESH starts Dec 9! Applications are due by Fridays for review! 🪩


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