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Nov 30, 2022

I brag I completed my first 3 day 1:1 immersion w a 🌟 client @venusvalleyboulder

I brag we did ✔️bodywork to release stuck energy & emotion ✔️ medicine ✔️educational food shopping ✔️ relationship & communication skills to reduce conflict & help her embody her ‘no’ ✔️ processes to reduce charge for traumatic events that were keeping her in a loop of blame/shame✔️biz chats to support her in fully owning her Coach & structure for her own immersions & retreats

I brag the magic of this land & how much your nervous system down regulates just by BEing here

I brag today/tm as support days for ME! I brag my vagenius in setting up a balanced schedule of give & receive + how far I’ve come with letting people support me

I brag a mindset of ‘I can have it all’ & ‘life gets to be this good’ paired w the capacity I’ve built in my body to hold this

I brag we host our FIRST RETREAT at VV on Fri! 🎉 These women get to bless the space & land with their essence & bloodline

I brag we’re going to have the most EPIC Family Constellations full of healing release connection wellness & love

I’m grateful for a partner that *always* believes in me & my work. Never an ounce of doubt. (Rewind to 2019 where an ex laughed in my face when I told him my wealth goals & said ‘HA good luck’ - heyyy from over here 👋🏻🥶)

I’m grateful for IN THE FLESH

I’m grateful for holding a container this year that challenged every part of my leader

I’m grateful for my bleed. The way she slows me down. Turns me in. Asks me to feel the full range.

I’m grateful that I can walk. On two legs. W ease. & no pain.

I’m grateful for money

I desire to share the dirty devilish details of this year that I know you’re just dying to know

I desire to attract the most badass clients that LOVE doing in person hands on & in work. They knoww how much it frees & expands them

I desire clients that like to have FUN, Pl€@$ur€ & ease! They want mm mm more of it

I desire brazen ballsy bitches. In my circles. In my containers. In my heart. Coming together to be in their unapologetic bigness.

I desire a cuddle puddle with all the folks coming this weekend

YOUR TURN!! Tell me a brag, gratitude & desire👇🏻.


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