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Nov 06, 2021

my way into workshop number 1 of the weekend!

i’ve had so many of you reach out letting me know you’ve finally binged Sex Love x @goop saying:

“everyone needs to watch this”
“i feel so seen”
“i need this work”
“i want to do this work”


so here’s what i want you to know:

if this work has been calling your name…

it’s a call that won’t stop ringing!

i’ve got the program that will launch you into this world so you can facilitate these incredible shifts for your community x clients

imagine leading retreats, bringing somatics into your approach, supporting through touchhhh, lifting women into sexual liberation, taking them deep into their shadows to come out the other side…

IN THE FLESH is an investment that will make you moneyy

it’s a container that holds you accountable to your vision & will show you how to be a leader in the embodiment, somatic, sexual space

ready to have a chat that could change the trajectory of your life? message me “mystery school” & let’s see the magic we can create together!

Watch HERE


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