never let anyone tell you...they know your body better than you do

Nov 20, 2021

one of my flags in healing spaces is a leader/teacher/healer TELLING someone:
🚩what they need
🚩where they need to go
🚩they should be somewhere/something other than what they are.

you should really come more into your feminine.
the boundary you set is actually resistance.
your body holds tension this way, & you shoulddd heal that.

it’s actually really fun to watch people’s egos think they know what’s happening in your body better than you do 😉

inside IN THE FLESH…

i’ll be teaching you how to hold a container + sacred space…withOUT projecting all over your people.

having the skills to support your people in healing their trauma - especially $EXUAL trauma - without REtraumatizing them WHILE helping them find AUTONOMY in their body…is PRICELESS.

ready to go deep with me IN THE FLESH? message me to get in before enrollment closes - it’s not too late!

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