my intention for the Erotic Blueprint Workshop

Oct 26, 2021

[🎉VIRTUAL EROTIC BLUEPRINT WORKSHOP!👇🏻] swipe for a RAD testimonial from last weeks Erotic Blueprint workshop at @cosmicteaholisticshop ! 🐆

+ a video of me teaching about the Shapeshifter BP!

“i had a full body orgasm without my body being touched & without my pu$$y being touched”😻💫

…first time energetic orga$ms are a regular thing over here for the women that step into my world 🥂

when asked:
📍“what’s your intention for today’s workshop?”

the women shared:
👉🏻connecting my head x body
👉🏻knowing what i want + being able to ask for it
👉🏻to be able to drop fully into my body
👉🏻unlearning what i’ve been taught about sex
👉🏻permission to feel pleasure
👉🏻being in my feminine in the bedroom

…i’d say…mission accomplished 👏🏻

🚨a VIRTUAL Erotic Blueprint workshop is happening on November 7th — it’s 3 deliciously juicy hours + $222

✔️we’ll be connecting 1:1
✔️learning about the blueprints
✔️playing with our pleasure ready body’s to discover our turn ons / turn offs
✔️& i’ll also be doing a demo (with my wolverine claws⛓)

if you have no idea what the Blueprints are, read previous posts & watch Sex Love & @goop on @netflix to see what it’s all about from my mentor Jaiya.

ready to play? dm me for the sign up link💕

thank you @ericaalisonwellness for capturing me in my radiant zone of vagenius 💫

#EroticBlueprints #EroticBlueprintCoach #SomaticsSexologist #SexualHealing #SexualLiberation


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