my heart is heavy today

Nov 09, 2021

my heart is heavy today
as i heal from a major violation
from a dear mentor
who has shown me their shadow

power dynamics

are hot topics in my world

especially as i bring
IN THE FLESH Mystery School
a facilitator training
into creation

i’ve been in the coaching industry for over a decade

& i’ve invested somewhere around 400k in mentors

i’ve experienced many humans in this space…from different backgrounds, identities, locations, ways of life, genders, orientations, etc.

the truth remains…

that at the end of the day

we are all human

& the dark
the shadow

lives in every single one of us

even when we’ve looked at it
made friends with it
tamed it
loved it

it’s still there within us

when we hold the position of *leader*
we hold a higher level of responsibility

we must have unshakable integrity

it’s a non negotiable


we can still fuck up
& make mistakes

it’s gonna happen
…we are human, alas

but those mistakes look different than the mistakes made from your raw animal who will kill anything before them to get what they want

when we hold a position of power…
when we have great influence…
when there are humans who look to you as a holder of Truth…

your level of responsibility is BIG

& the journey to that level of leadership is your TRAINING

your training is everything
your life is your school

don’t miss a beat of it

quit looking to the next level because fuck…

if you don’t train for it
your lack of integrity & ability to hold that level will have it all come crashing down

may this post be the motivation you need to get to work

to look deep within yourself & ask:

“what kind of leader am i?
“& what kind of leader do i want to be?

today…i am grateful for

» another experience that has helped mold me into the leader i strongly stand as

» the teachers who have come into my life as quickly as they will leave

» my clear mind & wise body

» for a heart that loves indefinitely, but knows when to love from afar

» &…for the opportunity to help mold the women inside IN THE FLESH to be unshakeable leaders

the sexual healing space needs you💛

ready to step up & in? there’s a couple spots left. dm me for info

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