my favorite tradition growing up

Dec 28, 2021

my favorite tradition growing up comes from my mom’s side of the family 蛤

she was 9 when she immigrated to the states from Poland with her parents & younger sister

every year, her mom - who we call Mama - makes homemade pierogis 中

everything from the dough…to the mushroom & sauerkraut filling…is freshhhhhhh

蛤 Mama chooses one special little pierogi from the batch…

& puts a shiny penny inside - a penny with the current year on it

when we sit down for the pierogi eating course, everyone gets *one* on their plate

…& the race brings

you can’t take more until everythingggg on your plate is finished

& whoever gets the penny first…

gets good luck for the whole year

guess who got the penny this year?!?


eeee so excited! i can’t remember the last time i got it!

i hope you’re all having an xxxtra special holiday with lots of hugs, cuddles & joy

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