Money Codes: Our Mentors Hold The Energetics To Expand Us Into Higher Vibrations

Feb 03, 2021

Money codes money codes money codes

Currency flows where we see

and where we don’t see

We pay what we pay

for our mentors

because we get more than the tangible

the visible

the things we see with our own

two human eyes

We up level from their frequency

we receive the energetics of the level they’re holding

For us

For the collective


For their vision

for the mission being birthed through them

Our mentors x coaches

are holding the energetics

the codes

the higher expanded vibrations

that allow us to rise up x step into

our BIGness

In the same way we hold specific codes for our clients

We are all leading each other home

✨magic everywhere around us

Take time for all the contact you can

stay in your body

breath in the present x the greatness of those around you

Keep holding the energy of your queendom

your domain

your space

Allow it to keep expanding

Claim your space

Claim it wide x big x deep

take up all of it

And allow those around you to rise with the current of your storm

It starts from the center of your being

and is reflected

in the field

all around you


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