living & loving 💓 hello again, Portland

Apr 13, 2022

living & loving 💓
hello again, Portland

spent the day in this king bed..feeding & filling mySelf after a week of sacred service 🙏🏼

we’re 5 months into IN THE FLESH & i’ve really started to find my rhythm with balance & resourcing

before & after every retreat weekend..i make sure i get bodywork, chat with my coach or therapist, have cooked healthy food ready to go, space for extra movement & downtime, & girl friend hangouts

retreat weekends are such big expansions, it can be easy to feel a dip in energy / connection now i just know how & when to get ahead of it!

spending this week [actually] w a l k i n g 😻🦵🏻

& having lots of play before a full next few months!

⛰ if you’re ready for an in-person retreat with somatics, dance movement, $exual healing & erotic blueprints - join me & @innerpoweralicia this june in CO for a ballin ass mountain getaway’s a walk with your wild woman - all the way from womb wellness, holistic nutrition, plants, & erotic expansion.

more details in my linktree - check out everything we’ve got planned + the beautiful property we’ll be living in 💓


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