Listening to our body will always teach us how to be & do life.

Feb 17, 2021


It’s always right there showing us, through its natural function, how to take what is already inside of us, out into the world.




Child birth



Building muscle

These functions teach us to live in harmony with both the ecosystem within, & around us.


Arousal: Under the Erotic Blueprint framework, I’m an Energetic Shapeshifter (links in bio to take the quiz). This means slow, anticipatory touch gets be hot, wet, & ready. Too much too fast usually makes me shut off & lose my turn on.

My body literally THRIVES on less is more.

For me, this is how I operate in biz x life. Less is more. The more I slow down & the more I stay present in my body, the more pleasure, wealth, success I create.

Orgasm: generally speaking - there’s quite the build up, climax, & come down. After a roller coaster like that, the body needs some stillness & rest.

Same in life. We have a launch, a big event in biz or life - We. Need. Rest. After. There’s a lot of energy in our systems after a build up like that. Honor that cycle.

Child birth: we push on contractions. We push when it gets hard. We push and push and push, when everything feels like it’s ripping & caving in, we push.

Same in life. Mother to a mission, a biz baby, or a human baby, we push when it gets hard. And our body, the miracle that gives life to these creations, knows exactly what to do.

There’s expansion x contraction all at the same time. And our body can hold both.

Building muscle? It takes time. Our body needs things to do this. Same with building anything new in our system (even a belief). It takes time, intention, consistency, practice, commitment.



Our body knows.

Our body knows.

Our body knows.

Even when it feels like it’s against us or it locks us out, it’s giving us something to work with, so we can create even more freedom.

Listen to the body. It’s then we can pair our logic with our heart & take aligned action.



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