letting yourself be held by other women

May 11, 2022

being held by other women
(like reallyy letting yourself be held)
is profound paradigm shifting medicina

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w/ rona & quarantine, we’ve been so stripped of human connection, community, co-regulation, travel, smiles & for some of us $ex

we’ve been expected to perform the same & somehow stay sane w/out so much as a hand to hold or body to hug

as the world opens back up
& we see more of each other’s faces

we are remembering the truth of connection
touch, play, exchange

touch is my🔝 love language

it took me 30.5 years to really know that

& the birth of ITF Mystery School to realize it’s the map to my heart & soul

IME, it’s all of ours

most of us have grown up with religious dogma & conditioning around our bodies & its capacity to enJOY plea$ure


not a priority

& the experience of $ex or intimate touch as something dangerous

like someone is taking from us

‘it steals our purity, innocence, goodness’

while you know this
& chances are you’re already on your $ex reclamation journey

my curiosity lies far beyond your understanding of your freedom to fuck & feel

i want to know

where it *still lives in your body*

..the conditionings continue to reveal themselves when they’re truly ready to unfurl

where do you still hold yourself back? or keep yourself from physical connection bc of how it will be received?

why do you stay still when you rlly want to reach for their shoulder?

what will help set you free from these constraints?

what do you need to feel safe enough to reach out & towards?

the embodied woman, will lean into connection & intimacy, even when she wants to close

in 4 wks, i’ll be co-leading the WildWoman Retreat w/ my dear friend & incredible therapist @innerpoweralicia

touch is a foundation
it brings us home

⛰ join us in CO: plants as medicine, somatic experiencing, dance movement therapy, erotic blueprints & quantum body healing

we cannot wait to hug all of you (w/ consent of course🤓)

& to take you into your depths for the rebirth of a lifetime

there are limited spots & a private chef ready to please your tastebuds b/n sessions & ceremonies 🤤💦

eeekkk!! can’t wait


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