Letter to my inner child:

Apr 27, 2021

Last week in Blissness x Pleasure Mastermind, we wrote a letter to our inner child & had a sister in the group read it to us in front of the group.

It was so sweet, activating, emotional 💗

Letter to my inner child:

You’re allowed to have needs. Your needs are valid, heard, honored & met.

You didn’t do anything wrong.
Nothing is wrong with you.

You’re not here to doubt yourself. You’re here to question the outside world.

You are so loved. Just the way you are.

You are worthy of all the love & affection in the world.

Play, dance, sing.

Play, dance, sing, be free.

Play, dance, sing, be loud.

I love your self expression.

I love when you stand-in your authenticity, even what it isn’t what I want you to do or agree with.

Be okay with letting go of people, places & things as you grow x expand.

Nothing is permanent.

When things leave you or you leave them, remember who you are.

Listen to your body.

It’s so trustable.

You are trustable.

You always get what you want, even when it doesn’t seem so.

Things are always happening for you, & when it seemingly doesn’t, know it’s for your highest good.

This or something better.

You are pioneer.

You can have it all.

Q: what’s ONE thing your inner child needs to hear?!


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