It's okay to be exactly where you are

Nov 03, 2023

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There’s lots of women out there in love with being the housewife & there’s just as many in love with building their own biz’

What if we didn’t have to chose??

(& what if we stopped shaming women for either path?)

I’m building for both.

Tbh there’s been resentment in my system since my partner & I split in ‘having to hold’ all I’m holding.

Because I’m not interested in holding all of this on my own.

Not bc I can’t. I have nothing to prove.

I’m not here for a solo journey. I want to share.

I was for a sec scared I wouldn’t be met here or I’d be too much in my masculine if I stepped into the full ass responsibility of all this

And then I realized oh hi opportunity to show myself more of what I’m made of in a NEW way. An even MORE relaxed abundant supported way.

(As if being this big would make me unloveable. So cute.)

Go be all of it if you want to.

But don’t beat yourself up for doing too much or too little.

Let yourself run through thousands of expressions & iterations of you. Of biz. Of woman. Of mother. Of friend. Of lover. Of partner.

Oh GODDDD how divine a journey we get to BE on to have the freedom for THAT!

P.S. one more month before IN THE FLESH Mystery School begins. This is the path of ‘yes, and’ not ‘compromise a little here to get there.’ This Facilitator Training will be unlike any you’ve been apart of. I’m teaching you how to self excavate & reclaim, over & over again. Through sacred sexuality & somatic bodywork. We have limited spots left.

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