It’s never about coming in harder. Well, sometimes it is..

Mar 26, 2021


But mostly,
it’s about leading from love

Last week I was reflecting on marketing x sales dynamics…

When I first wrote the B x P landing page,
I came in kinda hot, hard & heavy

My team & fav humans reflected that
& I made my adjustments

The connection between relationships & biz shows up in how we present & sell ourselves

If we’re hitting them over the head with
the things they do wrong,
the things they never do,
& how they never get it right

» they’ll never get it right «

(at least not with us)

I used to do this with men 🙋🏼‍♀️

In my relationship now, there’s lots of re-patterning happening

...always lead with love...

Respect & love have to be the baseline

On a podcast interview with @relatingintheshadows@rainierwylde asked me what the healthy fem looks like

My answer was simple: she leads in Love

My work with my submissive archetype, showed me more of how the heart of a man works:


It’s the same in marketing & sales

It’s the same with great coaching

The human before us already Knows
& has it all inside of them

The more we empower & invite,
from love & belief,
the more they step IN

Leaving them better than they were before✨

They’ll always remember how we made them feel, not what we said or what we meant

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