intimidation & you own power

Jan 04, 2022

i will always intimidate you... unitl you look in the mirror ... & accept your own Pu$$y Vegenius & Power

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i’ve had a number of you message me lately & tell me how intimidated by me you are

what I want to remind you…

is that the intimidation you feel…

is really about your own power

the nerves you feel…the high sensations in your body…the arousal & pull…inside of you…

is not to M E

it is to Y O U

your Highest Expression is calling…

i’m just the lucky one who gets to mirror your own magic

we are all guiding each other home. it’s not a cliche. it’s a Truth.

i am here standing for your bigness…your embodiment…& your freedom

i will always intimidate you…until you look in the mirror…& accept your own Pussy Vagenius & Power

until then…you will think i am different than you…

& your ego will make excuses about why it’s not possible for you NOW

but…the good news…is that it’s just a brain game 😉

& that is why we hire mentors & coaches

…especially the ones that scare us as much as they love & excite us…

because $he is the one that will show you

YOU…are the one


are…the one…

you fear…because your power is so b i g…it actually terrifies you

it’s not about needing more
t i m e

it about cultivating more
t r u s t

…in who you really are

…& who you undoubtedly are destined to become

so…what do you say…

ready to dance with me & my medicine?

message me ‘MORE’ to see how we can co-create in 2022


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