In person vs virtual

Dec 08, 2022

You know coaching & mentorship is priceless.

Can you imagine what would happen inside of an in person container? That you frequent 2 days a month for a hella Quantum Transformation?

...with plenty of space for your leader to integrate in between. 

People ask me all the time about in person vs virtual. While I fully believe in virtual coaching, mentorship, & even bodywork (it’s totally possible when you play in the quantum, healing happens regardless of how near/far you are) - there is NOTHING that can ever replace in person connection & touch.

I’ve seen & felt it. Over & over.

Touch is what humans were made for!
Our g€n!t@l$ too 👅

I started my somatic $€xology practice when I already had a BOOMIN virtual biz.

And what I was most interested in was getting this work out to the masses in anyway I could.

We can do yoni mapping virtually.
We can process $€xu@l trauma virtually.
We can dearmour your c€rv!x virtually.

(I have programs & classes that you can jump into at ANY time 🦢)

The magic happens when you show up*

But nothing will ever push your limits & thaw out your heart like the intimacy that comes from having someone’s literal hands on & IN your body.

Somatic $€xology is shamanic.

My work is a blend of $€xu@l shamanism, somatic technologies, trauma + pl€@$ur€ informed bodywork, holistic healing, spiritual psychology & the €rotic Blueprints™️

When I found the first somatic healers I wanted to work with, I got my @$$ on a plane.

Money was tight but I did it anyway.

And then I got my @$$ on a plane again. And again. And again.

My transformation spoke for itself. Every time.

All of my mentorship containers (both as a student & guide) include in person work.

I’m no longer interested in anything that doesn’t include this component 🫢

My clients get on a plane to see me & do this work.
And they FEEL the difference. It magnifies.

After a worldwide pandemic, we are STARVING for touch, community, intimacy & support.

And what I’m seeing is that it’s an edge even more than before.

Which means it’s even MORE of a reason to get on a plane & get your body in front of the hands of someone who knows how to touch you, well.

Feel into your own question - do you think it would make a difference in your embodiment, freedom & capacity to love, f¥ck, feel & make money - to have someone in the flesh with you & your deepest parts?

#somaticexperiencing #somatichealing #somaticsexology #pleasure


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